EscoMedia has been designing custom websites for businesses since 1999. Over the years our clients have trusted us in developing an online image and presence for their business. Over the past 2 years new technology and programs have made it hard to compete in the custom website design field.

Now, thanks to so many free amazing services offered over the internet, EscoMedia returns!

People nowadays are relying on the “do it yourself” attitude when it comes to web design… and we agree, people should learn to “do it themselves”

That is why we are now consulting and setting up websites using www.wordpress.com!
Wordpress is a free service and one of the best ways to get on the net quickly.

“So if its free, couldn’t I do it myself?”

YES but even though it is free, it can be frustrating and time consuming learning something new.
This is where we come in.

EscoMedia will help set up your account, setup your custom domain, help find a free design template to suit your needs, consult and train you to use the wordpress free service and a few other free resources.
All for a one time consultation/training fee. You pay nothing more afterwards because you will be able to run wordpress yourself!

Typical website setup timeframe is about 1-2hours if we have all the information from you! YES That quick!

So please, go to wordpress.com, set up an account and poke around for a while. If you feel you can handle it yourself, by all means do so…but if you would like our help, feel free to call!

*EscoMedia and/or Julian Escobedo are in no way affiliated with wordpress, facebook, myspace or any other free service tool mentioned or used in our consulting.

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